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"Hidden Hill" strange? Not so much...

April 23, 2010

Hidden Hill is strange?

The petition team found something interesting... Several dozen signatures were challenged because one of the petition circulators wrote their address as "Hidden Hill" instead of "Hidden Hills". The petition objector wrote that it was "strange" and challenged a few pages of petitions.

Hidden Hill street sign...But apparently the Village of Palatine didn't think it was "strange" when it put up street signs. And the US Postal Service doesn't find it so "strange" when you try to look up a ZIP code. Even the petition objector knew that the the circulator "lives on Hidden Hills" but challenged the petitions anyway.

Just thought you might be interested in this example. While the petition team is finding that some objections are valid, most are not. The team believes the petition challenge will fail.

See also the comments from Mary Vanek about the petition challenges.

- Scott Herr

Red balloons and a clipoard...Petitions being filed... click to read more....

Mary Vanek: "Over 7,500 signatures! One thousand more than the required amount!"


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