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District 15 School Board Election

VOTE Tuesday, April 5th

Note from D15PIE Editor: I am running for election to the District 15 School Board. As a result, D15PIE coverage will primarily be focused on links to candidate web pages, groups following the election and news articles.
-- Scott Herr

Daily Herald Questionnaire Responses:

(Vote 1-3-5 for District 15)


PalatinePatch Questionnaire Responses:

School District 15 ballot

Mark Bloom Resignation, David Seiffert Appointment

In January, Mark Bloom resigned and the District 15 Board appointed David Seiffert to fill out the remaining two years of Mark Bloom's term; however, Seiffert is still on the ballot for a 4-year term.

As a voter, this makes Seiffert's candidacy more complex.

Normally a vote for a candidate means you want him or her elected to office. But Seiffert will remain in office whether you vote for him or not. Here’s what a vote for Dave Seiffert on April 5th means:

  • IF YOU VOTE FOR Seiffert and he is elected, he will resign his 2-year term to take the 4-year term. The same six board members (on a 4 to 2 vote) who gave Seiffert his 2-year term could select his replacement.

  • IF YOU DO NOT VOTE FOR Seiffert and he is not elected, he will continue to be a board member for a 2-year term. At the end of this 2-year term, voters will decide whether to re-elect Seiffert based on his record.


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NOTE: All listed in ballot order - click on name to visit candidate web site
101 Manjula Sriram
102 James G. Ekeberg
103 Scott Herr
104 Gerald D. Chapman
105 Gerard Iannuzzelli
106 David W. Seiffert

Non-Incumbent Candidate Group
Vote 1-3-5 for District 15
• Manjula Sriram
• Scott Herr
• Gerard Iannuzzelli

Incumbent Candidate Group
Vote 2-4-6 (no web site)
• Jim Ekeberg
• Jerry Chapman
• Dave Seiffert


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