29-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Special Meeting Called for Nov. 30

24-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Signs point to District 15 keeping Thompson long-term

24-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch Are D-15 Students on Track for College?

23-Nov-2010: D15PIE Wondering why your November 2010 tax bill went up about 9%?

17-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch Residents Take the Lead in D-15

17-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Community weighs in on District 15's future

16-Nov-2010: Spotlight on the Board Editorial Personal Vendetta or Just a Difference in Opinion

12-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 board members clash over meeting minutes

12-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch Tensions boil over at D-15

10-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Palatine District 15 asks for 4.99 percent more in taxes

8-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Some suburban school districts preparing to get by with less

3-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch District 15 Voters Just Say No

3-Nov-2010: Mary Vanek blog post District 15 bond referendum defeated by 2:1 margin

3-Nov-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Looks Forward After Referendum Defeat

3-Nov-2010: Daily Herald Palatine Dist. 15 bond sale goes down

2-Nov-2010: TribLocal Palatine District 15 shoots down bonds

1-Nov-2010: TribLocal Palatine Residents push bond issue to ballot

28-Oct-2010: Daily Herald D15 wants residents to help plan its future

27-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch Vote No to Move District 15 Forward

25-Oct-2010: Daily Herald editorial No on District 15 bond issue

25-Oct-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor Dist. 15's financial house not in order

25-Oct-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor Don't add to D15's debt; vote no on ref

22-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Citizens Group Queries School Officials

22-Oct-2010: Mary Vanek blog post Some Highlights of Last Night's Public Meeting

20-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch Quality counts for school board members

19-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch Why D-15's Financial Outlook Changed Dramatically

17-Oct-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor D15 hasn't made its case for bond sale

17-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 Test Score on Rise

14-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch A Matter of Trust in District 15

14-Oct-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 financial outlook suddenly brighter?

   - Reader comments

14-Oct-2010: Mary Vanek blog post Getting "Culverized" with Scott Thompson

13-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch D-15 to Receive New Financial Projections

12-Oct-2010: Daily Herald District 15 leader's forum appearance sparks debate

11-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch A Question About Pensions

10-Oct-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor There'll never be enough money

6-Oct-2010: PalatinePatch Why I Circulated the D-15 Bond Petition

4-Oct-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor Dist. 15 bond issue never thought out properly

29-Sep-2010: Bond referendum article Your Share of the Tax Increase posted

28-Sep-2010: PalatinePatch Secrecy, Controversy and Politics: Six years later not much has changed in District 15

27-Sep-2010: Daily Herald letter to the editor No tax hike for Dist. 15 until they get a plan

23-Sep-2010: Bond referendum article District 15's Budget Crisis posted

20-Sep-2010: Mary Vanek blog post Vote No in November on the District 15 Bond Issue

20-Sep-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 leader supports modified loan

17-Sep-2010: PalatinePatch Palatine's D-15 Grapples with Referendum Issue

7-July-2010: Daily Herald District 15 to pay former superintendent $185,000

6-July-2010: Triblocal.com School District 15, superintendent part ways

4-July-2010: Daily Herald A superintendent resigns in secrecy

1-July-2010: Daily Herald Lukich out at District 15

11-June-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 to discuss bond issue

11-June-2010: Daily Herald District 15, Northwest Community tackle poor nutrition

10-June-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 listens to protests: Don't mess with recess

4-June-2010: Daily Herald Editorial Our government needs our work, commitment

2-June-2010: Daily Herald Objection dropped to Dist. 15 petitions

2-June-2010: Triblocal.com Views: District 15 bond issue and petition

1-June-2010: Triblocal.com District 15 petition objectors drop challenge

27-May-2010: Daily Herald District 15 to study zoning and facilities

26-May-2010: Triblocal.com District 15 reviews superintendent contract

24-May-2010: Daily Herald Electoral board likely to rule on District 15 petition next week

19-May-2010: Triblocal.com District 15 petition challengers drop signature objection

10-May-2010: Agenda and attachments posted for regular District 15 board meeting this Wednesday, May 12. See Events section for the links.

8-May-2010: Daily Herald Review of 7,500 signatures on Distrct 15 petition is complete

28-Apr-2010: Fund established to defend petitions against challenge - see letter from Mary Vanek and Lisa Neal

28-Apr-2010: Triblocal.com District 15 petition heads to Cook County

27-Apr-2010: Daily Herald Dist. 15 petitions now in hands of Cook County clerk

26-Apr-2010: See blog post from Mary Vanek about petition challenges

23-Apr-2010: Article posted "Hidden Hill" strange? Not so much...

22-Apr-2010: Journal & Topics Objection Filed To Dist. 15 Petition

21-Apr-2010: Petition objections hearing scheduled for Monday, April 26 - see Hearing Agenda

20-Apr-2010: District 15 posted doc Expenditure Reductions for 2010-11

20-Apr-2010: Daily Herald Petition to put District 15 bond sale on ballot questioned

19-Apr-2010: Triblocal.com Palatine residents file objection to District 15 petition

19-Apr-2010: Several letters to Daily Herald editor posted under News Articles at D15PIE Bonds 2010 page

17-Apr-2010: Notes from April 14th Board Meeting posted at Spotlight on the Board

16-Apr-2010: "Citizen-Moms" thank you note posted

15-Apr-2010: Daily Herald Bond issue stalled, Dist. 15 faces tough choices

15-Apr-2010: The D15 Watchdog web site was put to sleep... RIP

14-Apr-2010: Daily Herald Democracy just beginning in Dist. 15 and Petition to stop Palatine Dist. 15 loan under review

12-Apr-2010: Daily Herald 7,508 voters sign petition blocking Palatine Dist. 15's $27 mil loan

12-Apr-2010: Triblocal District 15 residents may force referendum on bond issue

7-Apr-2010: Daily Herald editorial Public should vote on Dist. 15 plan

5-Apr-2010: Added video of April 5 Palatine Village Council meeting.

5-Apr-2010: An Introduction to the Bond Controversy posted on the D15PIE home page.

3-Apr-2010: Article District 15 Cash Management published about proposed $10,000,000 Working Cash Fund.

1-Apr-2010: District 15 administration posted a list of proposed capital projects. Board member Susan Quinn distributed an email response.

24-Mar-2010: Added video of March 10th District 15 board meeting about proposed bonds.

22-Jan-2010: Daily Herald District 15 financial future bleak, but union members get raises